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About Logistics

Ashcroft Terminal is a Logistics provider that offers:

As a member of the PSA Group, we are part of a global network of supply chain professionals leading the way towards supply chain digitization via the Internet of Logistics (IoL); a digital ecosystem designed to streamline key supply chain activities and tackle inefficiencies in the global container industry.

Through CALISTATM and blockchain technology, PSA has integrated key physical, regulatory and financial activities of cargo logistics on a digital platform.

Cargo Solutions Across 50+ Terminals

With a network of over 50 locations in 26 countries, PSA is the leading global port group and trusted partner to cargo stakeholders around the world. For more information on how PSA is leading the industry, visit their Cargo Solution website.

A Gateway to International Markets

In recognition of its contribution and importance to the Canadian supply chain, Ashcroft Terminal is officially part of the Federal Government’s Trade and Transportation Corridor Initiative, and has previously been recognized in the Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative (APGCI).

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