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Are you an importer or exporter looking for warehousing, storage or transload services to enhance your supply chain? 

About Intermodal

Ashcroft Terminal is a Intermodal provider that offers:

With direct access to CP and CN Rail, Ashcroft Terminal provides a competitive advantage for exporters and importers through the critical Asia Pacific Gateway.

Our 40,000 sq. ft. multi-commodity, multi-user, warehouse provides supply chain enhancements and enhanced access to domestic and international markets for Canadian shippers, producers and importers. 

  • Warehousing and crossdock services

  • A central location with access to both CP and CN Rail mainlines

  • Storage for bulk, conveyable and oversized freight

  • Storage for 40′, 53′ and 60′ shipping containers

  • Lift on, lift off trucking and logistics services

  • On site switching and efficient operations
  • Competitive pricing
Our Services

What Else Do We Have to Offer?