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Very interesting Pacific Gateway Report & Recommendations from 2007

Very interesting Pacific Gateway Report & Recommendations from 2007

Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative (APGCI)

Report and Recommendations Preamble:

Excerpt from Guiding Principles of the Report:

"…We believe in the federal government taking additional steps to make crystal clear the roles of port authorities, whether marine or air. The port authorities are not private-sector companies. They are custodians and operators of critical national infrastructure and should not compete with the private sector on port lands and should not invest in activities or assets where the private sector companies could be or are involved.

We believe that the Pacific Gateway infrastructure is a national asset and that we should do whatever possible, in a competitive environment, to spread the economic benefits across Canada…"

Excerpt from Recommendations:

…"4.5 We recommend the development of a system of inland terminals as an overall strategy to serve the following purposes:

  • reduce port congestion by removing containers from the port area more quickly;
  • reduce congestion on the roads in the Vancouver port area by eliminating the transfer of containers (destined for more distant destinations) between terminals or ports by truck;
  • reduce the need for road-related investment caused by this unnecessary movement of trucks;
  • create employment opportunities at points along the corridor;
  • create opportunities for shippers along the corridor by creating enhanced access to the unit trains moving in either direction;
  • create a system that improves access to empty containers for potential exporters; and
  • improve the ratio of loaded export containers thereby enhancing the overall attractiveness of Canada as a Pacific Gateway"…

…Authors: Jeff Burghardt, Arthur DeFehr & T. Richard Turner