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Paving project to enhance Ashcroft and Cache Creek road network

Paving project to enhance Ashcroft and Cache Creek road network

Originally published on BC Newsroom.

ASHCROFT – The provincial government has made a commitment to resurface approximately 28 kilometres of highways and roads in the Ashcroft and Cache Creek area in 2015.

The paving project will take place on Highway 97C and Evans Road in Ashcroft, as well as on Highway 1 from south of Cache Creek to the Highway 97 Bonaparte River Bridge, including the arterial highway through Cache Creek.

The highway network in this region links communities and serves tourists, recreation users, residents, commercial traffic and the resource industry.

Highway 97C via Evans Road provides access to Ashcroft Terminal, a truck-to-rail and rail-to-truck transfer facility for a variety of products servicing forestry, mining, agricultural, oil and gas and intermodal. Highway 97C also provides access to Highland Valley Copper Mine. Highway 97 in Cache Creek is the southern point of the Cariboo Connector, which is a key route supporting trade and economic growth.

The Village of Ashcroft and Ashcroft Terminal are partnering with the ministry on this regional paving project. The partnership will provide the ministry with gravel from the nearby supply at Ashcroft Terminal. The project will be tendered in early 2015, and work will be completed during the 2015 paving season.


Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Todd Stone –

“The highways and roads in Ashcroft and Cache Creek are an important part of the provincial road network, and this paving project will provide a smoother and safer ride for commercial, residential and recreational travellers.”

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart –

“These road improvements will increase safety for residents and the travelling public, as well as benefitting the economy on both a local and provincial level with better access to Ashcroft Terminal and to Highland Valley Mine, which are major employers for area residents.”

Village of Ashcroft Mayor Andy Anderson –

“This is a perfect example where our local government, the provincial government and local industry are able to work together for the economic benefit of the entire region. On behalf of the residents of Ashcroft, I offer our sincere thanks to Minister Stone and his staff for identifying this issue and undertaking the solution.”

Village of Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta –

“These highway and road upgrades will enhance the transportation network in Cache Creek and also improve our connections by making the ride smoother and easier for locals, commercial drivers, and tourists visiting our beautiful region. We are appreciative of the continued improvements to our transportation networks in Cache Creek and the surrounding area.”