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Corporation of Delta Inland Port Study

Corporation of Delta Inland Port Study

Delta Council has been supportive of the concept of inland terminals since 2008 when Council endorsed a motion to support the continued development of Ashcroft Terminal. Subsequently, in early 2013, Mayor Jackson spearheaded two multi-stakeholder meetings to look at the potential benefits of inland ports for the lower mainland region – specifically, the potential role Ashcroft Terminal could play in relieving truck traffic congestion and land development pressures from Deltaport and the proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2.

During the 2013 UBCM annual convention, Mayor Jackson met with several provincial Ministers who expressed interest in exploring this issue further. Some studies on inland ports have already been done; however, they provide a more general assessment of the benefits of inland terminals for British Columbia and Canada as a whole. It became apparent, therefore, that a more focused assessment would be required in order to present the benefits of an inland port, such as Ashcroft Terminal, for the Delta and Metro Vancouver area.

Consequently, staff undertook a review of consultants with expertise in the field of cargo logistics and, at the March 1-, 2014 Regular Meeting, Council approved a contract with Cargo Velocity Inc. to undertake a study of the potential benefits of an inland port for Delta and the Metro Vancouver region as a whole.

The purpose of this report is to bring forward the Inland Intermodal Cargo Facility Study prepared by Cargo Velocity, and to provide a summary of the findings of the report for Council’s information.

Read the full report on the Corporation of Delta’s website.