Industries Served


Ashcroft Terminal provides a shipping gateway to Eastern Canada and USA both by truck and rail. 

About Forestry

How Ashcroft Terminal Can Enhance your Supply Chain?

  • Warehousing of products – Pulp, OSB, lumber and pellets

  • Domestic/North America destined lumber reload from truck to rail, centre beam or boxcar

  • Storage and sorting of products
  • Transloading operations
  • Container stuffing for Domestic and International markets
What Makes Us Different

BC Forestry

  • BC is the world’s largest supplier of softwood lumber
  • BC is also a leader in other forestry products such as wood pulp, OSB and pellets

  • Most BC forestry producers operate in the BC Interior but ship their products to domestic, North American and overseas markets
  • BC’s forestry industry is a major economic driver, generating more than 140,000 jobs across the province