Community Investment

The approach to community investment at Ashcroft Terminal is to ensure that investment dollars are allocated to organizations and initiatives that respond to the needs of the local community and are of strategic relevance to the core values and strategy of the business.

The community investment program at Ashcroft Terminal is strategically designed to enhance the skill set of the next generation of industry leaders and to help enrich the social fabric of the Ashcroft community.

Ashcroft Terminal invests in the following two areas

  1. Education and Skills Training: Ashcroft Terminal supports education and skills training with a focus on trade and industry related programs.
  2. Community Fairs: Ashcroft terminal helps build a sense of community in Ashcroft BC through community fairs and events.


Requests for funding are evaluated against the following criteria:

  1. The organization must directly serve one of Ashcroft Terminal's community investment pillars:
    1. Education and Skills Training
    2. Community Fairs
  2. The organization must be a registered charity of educational institution able to issue an official tax receipt.
  3. The organization must be in sound financial condition.

Limitations and Exclusions

Donations will not be made in support of the following (except under unique circumstances):

  • Individuals
  • Religious organizations (except for those with non-faith based purposes)
  • Third-party fundraisers
  • Professional conventions, conferences or seminars – unless industry related
  • Travel for individuals or groups
  • Political events

Submit a Request for Funding

Your local organization or initiative may be approved for support. Submit a Request

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