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Sustainability & Environment

Rail transportation is the most environmentally friendly way to move freight. Ashcroft Terminal’s direct rail connection means that a greater volume of freight is being moved by rail every day.

What Makes Us Different

Did You Know That Rail Accounts For Less Than 1% Of Canada’s GHG Emissions?


Number of trucks removed from the road with a single freight train

1.3Mt GHG/year

Potential emission reductions with a 3% shift from truck to rail

4x more fuel efficient

Difference in fuel efficiency of rail vs. truck transport
*Source: How railways can be part of Canada’s climate change solution, RAC

The capacity of a single freight train is equivalent to 300 trucks.

What Makes Us Different

Key Sustainability
Benefits of Ashcroft Terminal

Canadian railways have been recognized for their potential to help Canada reach climate change targets. Why does the The Railway Association of Canada list railways as green infrastructure? Find out here.
  • 01
    Reduction of truck traffic in Metro Vancouver and Interior Highways
  • 02
    Emissions reductions and cost savings from a decrease in product moves in the congested Lower Mainland
  • 03
    Self sufficient facility with enough aggregate for road base and rail ballast to fully build out Ashcroft Terminal
  • 04
    Facilitation of multiple supply chain activities in one location, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of shippers