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British Columbia's Largest Inland Terminal

Inland Terminals, also known as dry ports, are successful when they are strategically located to improve the supply chain for the railroads, producers and shippers; Ashcroft Terminal (AT) is such a facility.

Located at the Eastern end of CP/CN mainline co-production, Ashcroft is the last location westbound, and the first location eastbound, at which mainline traffic can stop, to or from, Metro Vancouver. Every railcar that travels on the Class 1 mainlines, must go directly through Ashcroft Terminal.

Shippers, producers, and manufacturers who are working with AT to remove bottlenecks and smooth out their product moves, have benefitted from the ease and efficiency of this one-of-a-kind transloading solution.

Ashcroft Terminal is a transloading industry leader for developing solutions that maximize your logistics and reduce your supply chain costs.

Let's Talk Transloading

What Is Transloading?

  • Transferring goods from one mode of transportation (railcar) to another (truck), or rail-to-rail — transferring goods from one vehicle (import container) to another (domestic container).

Why Should I Transload?

  • Top 3 reasons to transload are to save money; improve reliability; and increase flexible solutions within the supply chain.

Why Is Transloading Effective?

  • Ashcroft Terminal customers benefit from rail freight economics without the cost of onsite rail infrastructure.
  • By having more supply chain transportation alternatives, you're provided cost-effective access to new sources of supply and markets.

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Our Location

Ashcroft Terminal

In the BC interior, Ashcroft Terminal is a private facility ideally positioned with the mainlines of both the CP and CN Railways on site. Find out more about our location, and how that we can help give your company a competitive advantage.

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